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Monday, July 20, 2015

3 Things Teachers Need to Know About Classroom Management, by Ryan McCarty.

1) Teach time saving routines and procedures.  McCarty learned to “go slow to go fast” by spending time up front teaching routines and procedures so that instruction time is later maximized.  Veteran teachers “teach routines like any other lesson, with modeling, guided practice, and independent application.”

2) Balance rules with relationships.  Teachers can balance clear rules with showing that they care.  Being the cool teacher who wants to be their friend can only result in “power struggles and hurt feelings.”

3)  Plan to maximize student thinking time.  Active, rather than passive learning leads to better student behavior.  McCarty suggests using two columns in lesson plans: one column for what the teacher will do and one for what the student will do.

See Ryan McCarty’s complete blog along with an excellent video (7 min) documenting a new teacher’s struggle and success with classroom management when teaching a lesson.

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